The Opera team has announced that Opera 9.5 Alpha is now available.

I haven’t been an Opera user in the past. However, I’ve used their Mobile (Opera Mobile and Opera Mini) and their Wii browser and have been impressed. I’ve been missing out!

Opera 9.5 is nice – if you haven’t tried Opera lately I would give it a shot. I’ve heard other users rave about previous versions, but I always thought to myself: “It’s just another browser”.

9.5 has a ton of features but here are the highlights in my opinion:

  • Fast Page Rendering Engine
  • History Search
  • Bittorrent Client Integrated
  • Synchronize With My Opera
    – Synchronize Bookmarks, Speed Dial, and other Preferences
  • Improved Skin – Apple Human Interface Guideline support
  • Mail Client Built In

There is a slew of other changes in this release. I’ve found several pages which did not render properly or at all in this version – I know they are working on such things and there is a “report this page” button within the menu which helps you test their alpha stage release.

This Opera Browser definately gives me a “next gen” feeling and anyone who considers themselves an early adopter should give it a try!

  1. “It’s just another browser”..!!!

    – You sir probably live in one of those countries blessed with a huge bandwidth hype.

    As for other basic, slow pokes likes us from around the world (that totals in about 80% of all internet users), Opera is and will probably be the Knight in Shining Fast Rendering Armor.

    PS: Now that you’ve been bitten, and I can notice a slow conversion… :D Welcome to the world of better browsing that is free and not polluted with the “Open Source Mythos”,

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