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Development on WSL – Code in Windows, Run on Linux!

With the advent of Windows Subsystem for Linux – or WSL – it’s become very easy for developers to run Windows 10 on the desktop and the applications they develop on Linux. Sure, you can run most applications natively in Windows – but sometimes it’s just easier to run it in a Linux container for […]


Why I’m Dropping Boxee for XBMC

The Boxee platform had so much promise. Since releasing the Boxee Box in November 2010, Boxee has absolutely abandoned the PC users who brought the platform to prominence. Having waited since November for Boxee 1.0, PC Boxee users (including me) are now in open revolt.  I've been a huge proponent of the platform since the Alpha in October of 2008. […]

I keep various VPSes across the globe for research purposes. One of those locations is in Egypt. So what happens when I do a normal traceroute? [root@vps01-eg ~]# tracert traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets 1 (196.x.x.x)  0.033 ms  0.024 ms  0.017 ms  2 (196.x.x.x)  0.780 ms  0.883 ms  […]


My Thoughts on the iPhone 4 on Verizon

The Verizon iPhone is a win for consumers all around. The competition between VZ and ATT will only heat up with better values coming out of all cell phone plans (the current pricing trend is out of control.) Which will be better for you? Depends on whose network covers the places you frequent the most. […]


The Problem With Twitter

Twitter has a problem. I have many different social groups that I interact with. For reading messages from these groups – I have created lists. They work fairly well on the reading side to see what a certain group of people are tweeting about. But what about sending messages? I send out messages on many […]


Replacing the Cable Box – Idea Dump

So it’s 4AM, but I woke up with some ideas about replacing ye olde Cable DVR box with a more efficient and more up to date version. It occurs to me that I am paying about $134/month for Cable TV, Internet and HBO that me and my family rarely do and never need to watch. […]

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