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Permissions error while using system MySQL folder and Docker

Recently I ran into a permissions issue when running MySQL in a docker container and using a local host’s directory with a restore of a MySQL. The fix for this is an easy one, once you know where to look.

When doing a PostgreSQL database server upgrade, you first need to backup all of the databases because the format changes from version to version. Postgresql documentation states you need to run the command: pg_dumpall > outputfile I ran this, and received the error message: pg_dumpall: could not connect to database “template1”: FATAL: role “root” does […]

…and other MySQL Oddities. If your MySQL binary log files are a “Growing” problem… there are a few simple steps you can use to curtail their growth and save your disk space from these huge files. They probably look like: mysql-bin.000001 mysql-bin.000002 mysql-bin.000003 mysql-bin.000004 mysql-bin.000005 … And around 1 gig in size each. These files […]