Windows Mobile 6 - Always Shows 1 Unread Message

This happened on a few of my accounts – specifically the IMAP accounts on my Windows Mobile 6 device. Apparently this was a problem back with Windows Mobile 2003 but it seems to have resurfaced in Windows Mobile 6.

Even though all messages in an account are read; the “1 unread message” message still shows up on your Today screen. This happens when the internal unread message count becomes de-synced with the real message count. Instead of polling the server for unread messages, Windows Mobile keeps an internal database/registry key with this number. This problem also manifests itself in having “-1” unread messages or another off-count.

Luckily, it is pretty easy to fix. Download this program from freewareppc. Transfer and run the .exe from your device. It analyzes your accounts and fixes the internal database “unread” count.

Dave Drager

Dave Drager


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