Joomla! 1.0.12 Double Pathway Bug

Joomla! 1.0.12 appears to have a pathway bug. If you use a component other than com_frontpage for the “Home page” of Joomla – meaning the first link in mainmenu and the page that appears when you load the root of the Joomla! site – then when you click on an article you get a “Double pathway”, for example the pathway will state “Home > Home > Title of article”. The Home, or whatever you named this link, part will be duplicated. It isn’t a big problem but it does look unprofessional on your site!

I looked for ages for a fix to this problem, and eventually found it but the site I can not find the site I originally downloaded this fix from. It is courtesy of Reinhard Hiebl – (whos site is in German, one reason why I’m saving it here). I thought I would throw it online here for your download. The fix is in two parts of code in /includes/pathway.php.

At line 54 in includes/pathway.php:

// Fix for dublicate home if home have childs //
// by Reinhard Hiebl -- //////
// get first published item
$query = "SELECT id"
. "\n FROM #__menu"
. "\n WHERE published = 1"
. "\n AND parent = 0"
. "\n AND menutype = 'mainmenu'"
. "\n AND access <= " . (int) $my->gid
. "\n ORDER BY ordering"
. "\n LIMIT 1"
$database->setQuery( $query );
$first_mitem = $database->loadResult( 'id' );

And at line 284 in includes/pathway.php immediately after “$item =& $mitems[$mid];”:

// Fix for dublicate home if home have childs //
// by Reinhard Hiebl -- //////
if ( $item->id == $first_mitem && !$item->parent ) {

I also have the file zipped up so you can just replace includes/pathway.php with this file. Note that this is for version 1.0.12 only, so it might not work with previous or newer versions.

Dave Drager

Dave Drager


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