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Using Google Analytics Or Other Javascript With Smarty Template Engine

On a website I was working on recently I added the Google Analytics tracking code to the footer of a Smarty template, like this: footer.tpl: However, since the javascript used by Google Analytics includes { and } tags, also used by the Smarty template engine, it tries to interpret this code and depending on your […]

Meebo, which I have recently been turned on to, yesterday released an iPhone client which is basically a web interface to their chat website (which integrates AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, gtalk, and more). It looks great, take a peek: That is great that they are developing this and I applaud them for their efforts of releasing […]

Twitter mini small icon 16 x 16

I’ve joined the Twitter world. My Twitter Profile. I’ve created a small 16 x 16 mini Twitter icon. Feel free to steal it! I resized the icon from deanjrobinson. Let me know if anyone knows of a Windows Mobile application for Twitter that includes a today screen plugin, that makes it easy to post to […]

I happened upon a great site for a list of names. The list is meant to be used to get pet names, however I happened across this when I was looking for a list of themed names for servers. It includes both self-hosted pages and also links to other lists of names. List of names […]

Awesome Java based IRC Client

If you are looking for a great Java based IRC client, I would suggest PJIRC. It is really easy to integrate into your web pages; and includes the html code that you need to embed it onto a page. It is very flexible, for example you can tell it to automatically join a server that […]

Small 16×16 icons for websites

Looking for some small 16 by 16 icons for your website or other application? So was I. Here is what I’ve found: bulletmadness – large general use list, some brand specific urlgreyhot – (cool star trek reference) – a few mini and brand specific famfamfam – the motherload of small icons sweetie – pretty large […]