A Twitter Search WordPress Plugin

Ok, this is not really a plugin per se, but WordPress already has the capability of displaying a Twitter search stream via it’s RSS feed widget.

It is dirt simple to set up.

Go into Appearance -> Widgets and select the widget area you wish to add the twitter search stream to;

Add “RSS” and position the widget accordingly.

Click “Edit” and “Enter the RSS feed URL here:”. This is the link from search.twitter.com where it says “Feed for this query”.

Twitter Search RSS Feed

Enter a title, if appropriate.

Thats it! You will see an area on the site such as the one below:

Twitter Search Plugin

To summarize: There is no Twitter Search Plugin but WordPress’s RSS feature works just fine!

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  4. Dave Drager says:

    @willsansbury To the sidebar? It is much easier than that. http://bit.ly/VZ4jP

  5. Dave Drager says:

    New blog post: A Twitter Search WordPress Plugin http://bit.ly/PcceE

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