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Find Out If A Twitter Username Exists Using PHP/JSON

I’ve been trying to grab a Twitter screenname that people continually register and do not use. Twitter eventually deletes it, but I suppose it is in high enough demand that someone else registers it right away (and then continues to never use it). Wrote up a quick and dirty php script to check the Twitter […]


The Problem With Twitter

Twitter has a problem. I have many different social groups that I interact with. For reading messages from these groups – I have created lists. They work fairly well on the reading side to see what a certain group of people are tweeting about. But what about sending messages? I send out messages on many […]

I just ran across this article about Twitter reactions on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize surprise award. Something that is remarkable is that their “people on the street” take on the situation uses actual tweets from folks who were most likely on the Trending Topics list. At first I thought that was pretty neat. Then I […]