CallWave Vtxt and Phonepage Beta!

I received an interesting mail from CallWave this morning:

Great news: CallWave is reinventing voicemail – again! — with two fantastic enhancements to the CallWave service:

1. VtxtSM: A new feature that transforms your voicemail into a concise text message that you can read on your cell phone or email.
2. PhonePage: A permanent, searchable web-based archive that lets you treat all your mobile messages just like email. Use your PhonePage to read, hear and save your messages, send texts, call back, organize your contacts and more.

You have been selected to participate in the CallWave VtxtSM and PhonePage Beta Test. There’s no charge to participate. All we ask is that you agree to provide feedback and answer a brief survey after using it for a few days.

If you would like to try the new CallWave VtxtSM and PhonePage features, simply reply to this email with your mobile number, and tell us you want to be included. We’ll notify you when it’s activated.

Thanks for using CallWave!


The CallWave Team

I’ve been using CallWave’s Visual Voicemail feature for a few months now. It is great – instead of using Cingular/AT&T’s voicemail system, I switched to CallWave’s system. It has a number of features AT&T simply does not have – including e-mails with voicemail attached as a wave file, and SMS notification of voicemail which replaces the “Voicemail” notifier on my phone.

This service that CallWave is going to be testing – Vtxt and Phonepage – sounds like it is going to be speech-to-text detection of voicemail messages. I’m curious as to how accurate the translation will be because in the past PC based speech recognition has been hit or miss, but a lot of time has passed and maybe it is a bit more accurate than it used to be.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Click here to enter into the CallWave Vtxt beta!

Dave Drager

Dave Drager


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