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Using 3G/UMTS/HSDPA Network with Cingular/AT&T 8525 on the Nokia N800

When I bought the Nokia N800 a key feature is not only the ability to surf the internet with Wifi but also to pair it with your phone via bluetooth and access the internet anywhere. have a Cingular 8525 (I guess now an AT&T 8525) which has 3G internet available, but it did not work […]

Fixing PIE Proxy Settings

If you can access the internet fine using PIE (Pocket Internet Explorer) on your Windows Mobile device over Edge or 3G, but when you switch to Wifi Internet Explorer always times out (It says “Loading…”) – then you are probably dealing with the dreaded “hard coded proxy” problem. In this situation you have Wifi wireless […]


CallWave Vtxt and Phonepage Beta!

I received an interesting mail from CallWave this morning: Great news: CallWave is reinventing voicemail – again! — with two fantastic enhancements to the CallWave service: 1. VtxtSM: A new feature that transforms your voicemail into a concise text message that you can read on your cell phone or email. 2. PhonePage: A permanent, searchable […]

Phones come in two ways, locked or unlocked. If a phone is locked, then you can only use it with one provider, such as T-Mobile or Cingular/AT&T. If it is unlocked, you can put a sim card in from another carrier, and use the phone just as normal. Phones are locked because a carrier typically […]