Google Adds Two-Factor Authentication To Google Apps (For Real, This Time)

I’m not trying to say I had anything to do with Google adding two-factor authentication to Google Apps. I’m really not. But on September 9th, MakeUseOf published an article named How To Secure Your Google Apps Account with Two Factor Authentication. In this article, I wrote:

All of this brings up the question: why doesn’t Google enable a direct way to use two factor authentication with their Gmail, Calendar and other services? Many folks such as myself use Google services for all too many things in their lives, and that login is potentially the most important one of their online life. I would suggest that Google gets onto the security boat and enables this as an option for everyday folks.

Today, 11 days later, Google released their own Two-Factor authentication scheme for Google Apps account (Premier, Education and Government). An example of accurate prognostication? Or just dumb luck? Either way, great job Google!

If you are a Google Apps user, your Administrator will need to enable the feature for your account. Standard edition users will have this feature available shortly. Highly recommended for password and data security if you store your data in the Google cloud.

Dave Drager

Dave Drager


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