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Xbox 360 Windows Media Center Extender Demo

After I ditched cable TV, I used both Snapstream’s BeyondTV and SageTV to sate my and my family’s television needs. After almost 2 years we ended up turning cable back on. Win one for the cable company!

But that did not end my search for the perfect home television system. Our cable box, well, works; but the hard drive is limited and you have to pay 15.99/mo for it.

For the full video demo… continue to the full post!


PVR Sweetness: Envive E-Center Pro

You have to check out the Envive E-Center Pro [eHomeUpgrade] home theater machine. It comes with Windows XP Media Center Edition (Vista Ultimate Ready) but I would rather throw Beyond TV on this puppy. Check out these beefy stats… E-Center Pro Features: Intel Viiv Certified Platform utilizing Intel Core 2 Duo Processors Up to 8GB […]