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A Poor Man’s VPN: Proxy Web Connection to Remote Server (via SSH and Tunnel)

Did you ever have a situation where you needed to access a website that had an IP restriction in place? I recently had a situation where I needed to access the web via my university connection (due to IP restrictions placed on accessing databases of research papers). They do not have a VPN setup so […]

In case you were wondering, I just invented the phrase PVPN – Personal Virtual Private Network. I use Hamachi to connect my work, home and laptop PCs and I’ve found it invaluable over the past few years for a number of reasons. Music over VPN, Remote Desktop/VNC over VPN, and more. So now, I’d like […]


Your Personal Secured Network using Hamachi

I’ve been using the VPN Software Hamachi for several years now and thought I would share my experiences with it. Previous to being purchased by LogMeIn, Hamachi was a smaller company which designed this great software. It is now offered in 2 versions, the free “Basic” version and the paid “Premium” version. The premium version […]