BTC 9019 URF

If you have an HTPC which uses software such as BeyondTV you can use a remote for the majority of the time but there are times where you will want a good old fashioned keyboard, for surfing the web or other PC maintenance tasks. Sure you could use a wired keyboard or mouse, but who really wants to be tied to your Television which might be across the room. Typical wireless keyboards may only work several feet away from your PC. The 9019URF works at least 3.5 meters (10.5 feet) away from your PC, and in my experience it worked in another room on a different level, through the walls. It uses Radio Frequencies (RF) which can go through walls and does not require line of sight.

The box contains everything you need to use the keyboard:

  • Wireless RF Keyboard
  • USB PC Interface
  • CD with optional drivers and manual
  • 2 x AA batteries for the keyboard

Box contents

Installing the keyboard is as simple as installing the batteries, and plugging the USB PC connector. The keyboard works out of the box in this setup. However, if you want to use the special “media” keys to launch your internet browser or e-mail, you will need to install the software which came on the CD, or download them from BTC’s website.

As I have hinted above, the BTC 9019 includes a pointing device right on the keyboard.

9019 mouse

This pointer works fairly well while using your keyboard. It also has left click built in – if you wish to use right click, you will need to use the button to the immediate right of the pointer. Also to the immediate left, a scroll up and scroll down button have been placed. This is very handy while you are viewing any web pages.

Integration with any HTPC or DVR software, such as BeyondTV, works just as well as with any other keyboard. It is nice to be able to use the finess of keyboard/mouse combo when controlling BTV, or your system in general.


I had a small issue with the receiver where it seemed to lose its connection when I held the keyboard at a certain angle. This only seemed to be at a certain range, and moving the angle of the keyboard always fixed the issue. After moving the receiver on top of my entertainment system, rather than behind, the issue seemed to go away. This indicates to me that this keyboard might be susceptible to RF interference from components. When placing the receiver, make sure it is as far away from components as possible.

Overall the keyboard feels solid and not as cheap as I expected considering it’s bargain pricetag. At $35 as of 5/2007 from the SnapStream Store, it is a great deal.

I give this keyboard a:

Highly Recommended

Would Recommend to Family and Friends

Provided by: SnapStream
Review Date: 5/1/2007

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