Awesome article on using the VI Text Editor

Awesome article on using vi/vim:

Do whatever you want. Don’t learn it if you feel it’s too much effort just for nothing. Learn emacs instead. Or stay in your IDE using a lousy editor. Whatever. But in any case, don’t ever claim again that those ‘vi guys are nutheads’ – I hope that I have succeeded in showing you why they (we) stick to it, and you should at least be able to understand its power, even if you prefer to stay away from it.

I first used vi around 1996 and it is still my preferred text editor while working with configuration files or even light coding. It sort of defied logic, but me, as well as unix geeks around the world, feel compelled to continue using it. This article is a great writeup for the advocacy of a great text editor.

Dave Drager

Dave Drager


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