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Essential FourSquare Anti-Stalking Security Tips

Currently I am in the Computer Science Master's Program at West Chester University and I am focusing my research on Location Based Updates in Social Media and their societal and security implications. So you can say I think about this topic more than most normal people do. FourSquare is a growing service that allows you to "Check in" to restaurants, grocery stores, museums and just about any place you can imagine. However, I have seen several of my friends checking in to locations which, I must say as a security research student, set off warning bells. Although I am calling out FourSquare specifically, these also apply to just about any other location based software where you broadcast your location to other folks, whether they are your friends or the general public. GoWalla and BrightKite are in the same boat. Without further ado... here is my list of top FourSquare Security Faux Pas (after the break...)

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