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MediaCoder Profile for N800 Video Encoding

I use MediaCoder for most of my encoding/transcoding of video for playback on my PC and other devices. The N800 has a peculiar set of parameters for it’s video – if it doesn’t match up then it either won’t play back or will be very choppy. I ended up selling the N800 but I thought […]

This great post over at Internet Tablet Talk describes how to pair the Nintento Wii control (wiimote) to the Maemo OS2008 using Bluetooth. Functionality is pretty limited at the moment, but I was able to play lxdoom using the wii remote. That is pretty damn cool and opens up a lot of gaming possibilites with […]

In case you were wondering, I just invented the phrase PVPN – Personal Virtual Private Network. I use Hamachi to connect my work, home and laptop PCs and I’ve found it invaluable over the past few years for a number of reasons. Music over VPN, Remote Desktop/VNC over VPN, and more. So now, I’d like […]