Secure Drupal Admin Login Page

Drupal’s administration login area is not secure by default. Usually there is an option in the configuration area of content management systems to set a secure area for logins, otherwise your username and password are sent in plain text over the internet.

Luckily, there is a module which enforces secure login on a Drupal install.

Drupal Module: Securepages

Although it is still in development, the 6.x-1.x-dev version worked great with my Drupal 6.4 installation.

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    KRATIE says:

    The link Drupal Module ( is broken. I went through the Project/Securepages, all the links were broken too. If you can please suggest me a different site for the download or attach the module. I am desperately in need of this module.

    I am using Drupal 6 on IIS.

    best regards,

    KRATIE says:

    Another Question.

    How to secure the login username and password in Drupal using secure pages.

    I finally figured it to work Secure Pages on Drupal.

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