My Thoughts on the iPhone 4 on Verizon


The Verizon iPhone is a win for consumers all around. The competition between VZ and ATT will only heat up with better values coming out of all cell phone plans (the current pricing trend is out of control.) Which will be better for you? Depends on whose network covers the places you frequent the most. On the VZ positive end there will be the ability to turn the iPhone into a network hot spot without jailbreaking (for an additional fee, likely $30/month); on the minus it can not make voice calls and transfer data at the same time. For AT&T’s part, they have grown up around the massive amounts of data the iPhone uses and it is as of yet unseen if Verizon’s network can handle it. 

I would recommend waiting until May or June to get the next generation iPhone from Verizon to see how things pan out. If you get it now, you will be disappointed after the few months it will take for your phone to be outdated. 

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Dave Drager

Dave Drager


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