How to fix a Stuck Pixel on a LCD Monitor or Screen

I recently purchased a Dell monitor and upon opening it up and plugging it in, I noticed a bright blue pixel ‘stuck’ on towards the center of the display.

Note that a ‘stuck’ pixel is different than a ‘dead’ pixel. A dead pixel will be dark, while a stuck pixel will be a primary color – red, blue or green and constantly on.

I read this article on fixing a stuck pixel. I also came across Jeff Patch’s article which refers to a video created by Nick Toohill. However, after practicing all methods for a good hour nothing seemed to be working.

I kept the video playing overnight; I also used more and more pressure to ‘massage’ the pixel. I’m not sure how to describe the pressure I used – it felt pretty unnatural to be pressing on your LCD screen that hard. At some points, you could see ‘crystal’ patterns below the pressure point and they would take a few seconds to go away.

After about two days solid of playing the video over the pixel in question, and randomly coming in to ‘massage’ the pixel, it started to flicker in and out. Another day and the pixel was gone for a good bit – I left the video playing another night, and I am happy to report that the stuck pixel is gone and hasn’t reared it’s ugly head again.

I am hosting the ‘stuck pixel’ fixer video here in case it is taken down from the original source. This video cycles between all of the pixel colors, then does a white/black cycle. Keep this video looping over the pixel you are trying to fix.

To summarize:

  1. Loop this video over the pixel you are trying to fix.
  2. Massage the pixel and surrounding area using increasingly hard circular motions.
  3. Use a damp rag to massage the screen – evenly distribute the pressure you are applying.
  4. Go to step 1.
  5. Hopefully you will have the same success at fixing that damned stuck pixel! :) This method should work for any LCD where you can play this video type and where the LCD isn’t behind a glass enclosure (I’ve heard this working with PSPs, Portable DVD Players, and monitors).

Dave Drager

Dave Drager


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