I am using the Visual.Syntax code highlighting plugin by Matthew Delmarter. There were some code highlighter plugins out there, but they were all pretty complicated and the output was fancier – a little too fancy. I wanted something simple to copy/paste from and Visual.Syntax won the day for me. iG:Syntax Hiliter is a close second and I may still use it some day. It does neat things like line numbering and highlighting for a large amount of languages; but I did not find it as simple to use as Visual.Syntax. In case you were wondering, both of them work with WordPress 2.x.

  1. And what did you find complicated with iG:Syntax Hiliter’s installation?? ;) Its the same as that you found easy with Visual.Syntax, simply copy-paste plugin files to your wp-plugins folder & activate, thats all!! :)

  2. I agree that it was an easy install, I hope my post doesn’t come across as saying it was a hard one! I like it and I may use it in the future but I wanted something simpler – the extra javascript is nice for formatting and perhaps larger code samples but I was trying to “keep it simple stupid”. Thanks for the great plugin Amit!!

  3. Ok, its your choice afterall, just thought that I’d clarify that its not a complicated thing to install which I thought your post meant. And just one thing to clarify, Javascript is not used to format in this plugin. The only thing that Javascript does is provide the “Plain Text” option for copy paste(since in Mozilla browsers the Line numbers of the list are also copied). Apart from that, nothing is dependent on Javascript, plugin works like a charm even if you have Javascript disabled. :)

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