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Remote Unattended OS installs – Linux and Windows!

The technology has been around for a while to do unattended OS installs, using kickstart on redhat for example. These installs are typically done remotely. Kickstart is basically done off of an image file, which can be inserted via a floppy, CD, or now a USB Keychain drive. Another technology that has been around a […]

Developing web apps cross platform can be a pain sometimes, as the drivers used in Windows are typically not available (by default anyway) in linux. For example, if you are using perl based software in linux, and you need to connect to a Windows database (for example, MSDE 2000 or SQL Server) There are two […]

Apache’s mod_proxy module is simply one of the best Apache modules out there. With it, you can do all sorts of things that you usually would not be able to do if you are behind a firewall or other limited network situations. A problem that recently came up for me was how Microsoft Outlook Web […]

If you are a system administrator of a linux system, you may find the following log entries familiar: Sep 15 02:00:30 sol sshd[16364]: Failed password for invalid user test from ::ffff: 61.167.x.x port 53382 ssh2 Sep 15 02:00:30 sol sshd[16365]: Failed password for invalid user test from ::ffff: 61.167.x.x port 53394 ssh2 Sep 15 02:00:30 […]