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Simple Sysadmin Trick: Using tcpdump To Sniff Web Server Traffic

Sometimes, you just have to look into the raw data to see what your web server is doing. The logs might not show you enough detail or you suspect something is going on which is just not shown in the log files. Or, as in my case, logging is turned off because of too much […]

According to “official” system administrator rules and guidelines you shouldn’t be adding so-called vain scripts to the login prompt – only utilities that will add something useful to the system (for example, current system load, memory and disk usage, etc). However I have some systems that I frequently connect to and thought it would be […]

Wow – I get so frustrated when I try to copy some files over old ones and I get: [root@server1 wordpress]# cp -Rf * ../public_html/ cp: overwrite `../public_html/license.txt’? y -R is recursive, but -f is supposed to copy over without confirmation. What could it be?! Check out your alias command using ‘alias’: [root@server1 wordpress]# alias […]