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Greasemonkey + Duggmirror Script = Awesome

Posted 13th September in JavaScript, Linux, System Administration, Windows. Comments Off

Greasmoney + Duggmirror

Don’t you hate it when you try to visit a digg story and the site has been dugg? Use the greasemonkey firefox plugin and this duggmirror greasemoney script to add three links to each digg entry – the duggmirror archive, Coral NYU Mirror, and the Google Cache of the page, all with a nice graphical interface. It’s easy too:

  1. Install Firefox (you mean you haven’t already?)
  2. Install Greasemonkey plugin
  3. Restart Firefox
  4. Visit the duggmirror script‘s page and click “install this script”. A little box will pop up at the top of the browser screen, asking you for permission to install it.

That’s it! When you visit digg – you will see the extra links next to the post title. It works in any OS that firefox support (I’ve personally tested on Windows XP, Vista, and Ubuntu).

Originally posted 20060913 and last touched 20060913
Dave Drager+ is the Chief Technology Officer at XDA-Developers, where he keeps the server farm running efficiently for millions of visitors per day. He has written previously for the technology blogs Lifehacker and MakeUseOf.

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