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Linux: Mount ISO Image as directory

Here is a handy little shortcut I recently figured out (it took me long enough, didn’t it!). You can mount an ISO image as a directory in linux. Very nice for when you are remote and want to have a CD on that system. mount -t iso9660 -o loop imagename.iso /mnt/isoimage

Foxit PDF Reader 2.0

Don’t you hate it when your browser locks up because you unknowlingly clicked on a PDF File? Let’s face it – Adobe’s PDF Format rocks but the reader takes way to long to load and also locks your PC up. Foxit Software just released Foxit PDF Reader 2.0. If you haven’t tried it already, you […]

I recently had a problem where I was opening a browser window from an e-mail client. After taking a survey, I wanted a button to close this same window. In IE, it was fine to simply use window.close(); to close the window. However, Firefox, the evil genius that it is, will not let you do […]

I am using the Visual.Syntax code highlighting plugin by Matthew Delmarter. There were some code highlighter plugins out there, but they were all pretty complicated and the output was fancier – a little too fancy. I wanted something simple to copy/paste from and Visual.Syntax won the day for me. iG:Syntax Hiliter is a close second […]


A note on fonts…

Considering that I plan on using a lot code on this site, I put a lot of thought into the best fonts to use for readability. I ended up going by a programmers font guide from Mr. Lowing. The code highlights on these pages use the following fonts (in order of preference/availability): Bitstream Vera Sans […]


Hello world!

Welcome to the inaugural post of! I created this site mainly for myself, as a repository for different system administration and code snippets for future reference and posterity. I aim to keep it keep the code clean, but easy to read (and search for). I’ll also be posting short reviews of different software suites […]

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