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Cricket Broadband Review (A600 Modem)

I’ve been on vacation for the past few days, and prior to this trip I decided I wanted to stay connected wherever I was going – and the new broadband offerings from Cricket Wireless looked to be the perfect solution. I was looking for something that did not involve signing a contract, but Verizon, Sprint […]

I recently took upon the task of setting up a presentation display in the lobby of our building. This display had previously used an old computer running Windows 2000, and displayed a fairly simple PowerPoint presentation with a few frames, mostly a schedule for anyone coming into the building. We did a renovation and this […]

These images been around the web before, but I just rediscovered some examples of both good server room cabling, and bad datacenter cabling. Data center cabling is really an art. It takes some time to get the network, power,and other cabling organized but worth it in the end. The benefits are more than aesthetic, good […]

Names like Comcast, Verizon, SBC, RoadRunner, Cox, Charter – control the vast majority of the ‘last mile’ internet running into many homes. A fact of today’s economy in the United States is that in any particular geographic area, you only have a handful of providers that can provide high-speed access to the internet. For example, […]

If you are like me, as soon as you start using Instant Messaging (Octrotalk, Windows Live Messenger, IM+, Palringo) on your Windows Mobile Device – your battery life goes out the window. I’m talking, 12 hrs max. That is not a good thing for a mobile device where you need it to last at least […]

I’ve used RSS readers in the past – they are great for aggregating information from sites which I view. However – adding all of my daily sites, as well as all of my ‘sometimes’ sites I quickly have 50 or 100 RSS Feeds and it is impossible to keep up to date on feeds because […]

I recently purchased a Dell monitor and upon opening it up and plugging it in, I noticed a bright blue pixel ‘stuck’ on towards the center of the display. Note that a ‘stuck’ pixel is different than a ‘dead’ pixel. A dead pixel will be dark, while a stuck pixel will be a primary color […]

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