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Operation Replace Cable Programming and HD DVR Box – Part 1 – The Plan

I’ve decided to replace my cable plan and DVR box with something a little more… functional. Sure we get a ton of channels from Verizon FiOS, but we hardly ever watch them. Our television viewing habits mainly consist of a few programs that my wife watches and a few programs that I watch, but we […]

I put this together for a project in a class I am taking, and thought it would be handy for others as well. The goal is to access a Windows filesystem and reset the password for a user, for example if someone forgot the Administrator password or the account is locked out from too many […]

I wrote this paper during this past spring semester at West Chester University, for a class in the Computer Science department. My paper was accepted and published in the proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Wireless Networks which was held on July 13-16 in Las Vegas, NV. The title of the paper is “Sensor […]

Update 10/27/2009: Google Voice now supports adding voicemail to any old cell phone number without the “Do not disturb” trick. Simply go into ‘Settings’, Enter the ‘Phones’ tab and then click ‘Activate Google voicemail on this phone’.  It will give you directions on call forwarding, which are the same as below, customized for your provider. […]

You’ve flashed your old WRT54G or other vanilla router with the Tomato firmware. This itself turns your router into a lean, mean routing machine with QOS, SSH and more, but let’s say we want to take it a bit further. What it we want to get some more stats out of it? In order to […]

There have been a number of high profile account compromises due to the insecurity of password reset questions. Examples of two big ones off the top of my head are Sarah Palin Yahoo account compromise and the Twitter “Hacker Croll” fiasco. There have been many more compromises on accounts due to weaknesses in password reset questions, even […]

Official Google Chrome Themes Coming?

I just restarted Google Chrome after clearing out my cache, and found a link in my tabs box showing a themes tab: I thought: Wait a second, Chrome has themes?! Hadn’t heard of that one. Excited, I clicked on the link. However, it takes you to a 404 file not found page. It looks […]

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