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How To Turn Off Your Monitor Via Command Line in Ubuntu

As previously written on this blog, I have set up a display in our lobby at work to display the day’s current events and meetings using Ubuntu and a tiny PC. Since this is a display which is on all day, the screensaver and monitor blanking (and other Energy Star features) are all turned off. […]

These images been around the web before, but I just rediscovered some examples of both good server room cabling, and bad datacenter cabling. Data center cabling is really an art. It takes some time to get the network, power,and other cabling organized but worth it in the end. The benefits are more than aesthetic, good […]

We received this Blu-ray player along with a few Blu-Ray DVDs for an anniversary present. The BDP-S301 is the same as the BDP-S300 except it is only sold at wholesale outlets like Costco and Sam’s Club. The S301 also includes an HDMI cable. The Pros: The image looks great. Hands down it is a clean, […]

As soon as I heard PayPal would be offering a $5 Security Key for additional security while logging in, I jumped on it. A few days later, it arrived in the mail. It’s a great idea, but I decided that carrying a little secure key that generates special numbers for the 3 times a month […]

This great post over at Internet Tablet Talk describes how to pair the Nintento Wii control (wiimote) to the Maemo OS2008 using Bluetooth. Functionality is pretty limited at the moment, but I was able to play lxdoom using the wii remote. That is pretty damn cool and opens up a lot of gaming possibilites with […]

When I bought the Nokia N800 a key feature is not only the ability to surf the internet with Wifi but also to pair it with your phone via bluetooth and access the internet anywhere. have a Cingular 8525 (I guess now an AT&T 8525) which has 3G internet available, but it did not work […]

I recently purchased a Dell monitor and upon opening it up and plugging it in, I noticed a bright blue pixel ‘stuck’ on towards the center of the display. Note that a ‘stuck’ pixel is different than a ‘dead’ pixel. A dead pixel will be dark, while a stuck pixel will be a primary color […]

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