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How to Schedule a Windows Reboot at a Later Time

Updated on 8/26/2008 with corrected information! Window’s simple shutdown command works well, but has some major drawbacks. The major one is that it will only schedule a reboot up to 10 minutes into the future (600 seconds). Linux’s shutdown command makes this easy, just issue the command ‘shutdown -r +60’ for example to reboot an […]

Clients using Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition requires a password while uninstalling the client. The default password out of the box is symantec. If you have changed this password within the Symantec System Center – then you need to use that password. If you have changed the uninstall password and you no longer have access to […]

Downloading a CAB file to install onto your Windows Mobile device can be a pain – after downloading the cab file to your desktop, you need to first copy it to your device, then find the cab file to install and then proceed to install it. CABviaActiveSync is a simple, free program that adds a […]

Let’s say you use a piece of software which is horribly designed (or maybe you just don’t know how to use it properly) and you need to click a button thousands of times. See specifics below if your are curious of my particular predicament! Instead of clicking your mouse button like a crazy person – […]

Adobe take note – you need to add 3D acceleration to your software. I’ve just checked out Pictomio and it really has a kick-ass GUI which utilizes your 3D accelerating video card to view and zoom photos. This provides a much better viewing experience than my current image library software, Adobe Photoshop Elements. Photoshop elements […]

The technology has been around for a while to do unattended OS installs, using kickstart on redhat for example. These installs are typically done remotely. Kickstart is basically done off of an image file, which can be inserted via a floppy, CD, or now a USB Keychain drive. Another technology that has been around a […]

The Opera team has announced that Opera 9.5 Alpha is now available. I haven’t been an Opera user in the past. However, I’ve used their Mobile (Opera Mobile and Opera Mini) and their Wii browser and have been impressed. I’ve been missing out! Opera 9.5 is nice – if you haven’t tried Opera lately I […]


Your Personal Secured Network using Hamachi

I’ve been using the VPN Software Hamachi for several years now and thought I would share my experiences with it. Previous to being purchased by LogMeIn, Hamachi was a smaller company which designed this great software. It is now offered in 2 versions, the free “Basic” version and the paid “Premium” version. The premium version […]

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