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Third Party Drivers in Remote Windows Installation

There is this great software for doing remote unattended Windows installs called, well, Unattended. It allows you to boot/install different windows versions without any intervention which is great if you are doing a number of Windows installs. This is a bit different than MSFN’s Unattended install which mainly is done off of CD media. MSFN’s […]

Dead linux users?

Not dead as in dead, but dead as in the user has logged out of the system and for some reason their shell is still open. This might happen if your system crashes before you can log out, there are network problems and you are disconnected, or a number of other reasons. This article explains how to log these “dead” shell users out.

If you are a system administrator of a linux system, you may find the following log entries familiar: Sep 15 02:00:30 sol sshd[16364]: Failed password for invalid user test from ::ffff: 61.167.x.x port 53382 ssh2 Sep 15 02:00:30 sol sshd[16365]: Failed password for invalid user test from ::ffff: 61.167.x.x port 53394 ssh2 Sep 15 02:00:30 […]

Here is a handy little shortcut I recently figured out (it took me long enough, didn’t it!). You can mount an ISO image as a directory in linux. Very nice for when you are remote and want to have a CD on that system. mount -t iso9660 -o loop imagename.iso /mnt/isoimage

Foxit PDF Reader 2.0

Don’t you hate it when your browser locks up because you unknowlingly clicked on a PDF File? Let’s face it – Adobe’s PDF Format rocks but the reader takes way to long to load and also locks your PC up. Foxit Software just released Foxit PDF Reader 2.0. If you haven’t tried it already, you […]

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