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Social Media and the Downfall of the Password Reset Question

There have been a number of high profile account compromises due to the insecurity of password reset questions. Examples of two big ones off the top of my head are Sarah Palin Yahoo account compromise and the Twitter “Hacker Croll” fiasco. There have been many more compromises on accounts due to weaknesses in password reset questions, even […]

For many people using hosted Exchange services, password saving problems could plague you. That is mainly because Outlook doesn’t like it if the Exchange server’s domain doesn’t match your domain. Fortunately there is a way around this, because by the default way it is set up, you would have to enter your password every time […]

Lyris Listmanager is a nice mailing list management system. However, there are a few features that are missing out of the frontend that make it hard to get by your day-to-day office job. Fortunately, most of it is written with TCL routines which are not encoded, which makes for easy updates to this code. Of […]

SMTP Errors – 550 vs 450

Well I got a lesson in properly configuring your e-mail server’s error messages. Since setting up postfix as a anti-spam and anti-virus gateway for my exchange system (see my article Postfix as proxy to exchange server), I had left the option soft_bounce = yes enabled in my postfix configuration. This worked fine for months. However, […]

If your Mozilla Thunderbird is slow to open the inbox, or any other folder for that matter, there are two things that you can do to try to fix this problem. Step #1: The first thing is to try to compact the folder. This should help if you have a large inbox. If you can’t […]

I recently had a problem where my Spamassassin install started thinking that a lot of spam messages were really ham (non-spam). Since these were getting BAYES_00 scores of -2.5 they were almost all getting through my spam filter. These particular messages all were regarding STOCK quotes and were pretty obviously spam just by looking at […]

More and more people seem to be using an open source mail server on linux, such as Postfix, to proxy e-mails coming in from the net and relaying them to their exchange server. I know I’ve had this type of setup since January and it has been working really well for me. It gives you […]