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Last Modified Date or Time on WordPress Template Page

I couldn’t readily find an answer to this question via the google. So here it is: If you want to insert a ‘last updated’ or ‘last modified’ date on your wordpress page, then there is a simple bit of PHP code you can use for this: And via Ardamis’s Blog, there is a great way […]

For many people using hosted Exchange services, password saving problems could plague you. That is mainly because Outlook doesn’t like it if the Exchange server’s domain doesn’t match your domain. Fortunately there is a way around this, because by the default way it is set up, you would have to enter your password every time […]

The goal here is to watermark all images in a certain directory, except for thumbnails or other selection. You can either do this on each file prior to placing on your webserver – which is probably wise for CPU load issues – but let’s just say you want to do this for all files served […]

Let’s say you use a piece of software which is horribly designed (or maybe you just don’t know how to use it properly) and you need to click a button thousands of times. See specifics below if your are curious of my particular predicament! Instead of clicking your mouse button like a crazy person – […]

Lyris Listmanager is a nice mailing list management system. However, there are a few features that are missing out of the frontend that make it hard to get by your day-to-day office job. Fortunately, most of it is written with TCL routines which are not encoded, which makes for easy updates to this code. Of […]

Delete all directories more than a week old

This simple linux bash script will delete subdirectories in a directory based on when the subdirectory was last modified. In my sample script, it looks in the directory /home/backup and deletes any directories older than 7 days. Replace 7 with the number of days of your choosing! for i in `find /home/backup/ -maxdepth 1 -type […]

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